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This is our agreement between health plan / universities and colleges, wherein we provides care to the plan's members. We have many affliates. Students attending the School of Medicine are provided with a variety of educational resources from our hospitals. Through partnerships with these affiliates, the importance of areas such as education, research, and patient care are fortified allowing students to gain knowledge and experience from a diverse variety of medical fields. Students benefit from a first-rate medical education, in addition to broadening their training opportunities for a future in the medical profession.

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Health Tips

Pregnancy is often physically tiring, as the body works hard to accommodate a new baby. So, it is adviced that you try to get bouts of full night's sleep which becomes even harder once the baby is born. There are so many reasons why sleep is difficult; like Position change as the pregnancy progresses. Frequent urination interrupting sleep. Lag cramps

Try to find a comfortable position, supporting your back and thighs with pillows. Avoid caffeinated drinks especially in the evening or before bed, including alcoholic drinks. Cut down on fluids a couple of hours before bedtime. End little protein before bed to avoid working up hungry in the night. Have warm releasing bath before bed

As much as exercises are beneficial to pregnancy, you must consult your health care provider before embarking on any. Why? Exercises are important for blood circulation. Makes the muscles stronger and warm. Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

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